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Adult hookup: Is it finding love by another name?

When you ask people looking for an adult hookup if they’re looking for love, you probably are going to get a wide range of predictable reactions. On the one end, you’re going to get people laughing at you. I mean, seriously, if you’re going to an adult hookup site you’re looking to hookup. You’re looking for anonymous sex. In fact, you probably won’t even care about the appearance of the woman, how much she weighs, or what shape her body is in. As long as she has a tight hole, you’re good to go.


On the other end, you will scare a lot of people because these people are very, very scared of any kind of emotional entanglement or intimacy. It really should not be a surprise for you to get this kind of reaction because looking for love at a typical online adult anonymous sex website is like looking for pork dishes at a vegetarian restaurant. Do you realize how ridiculous that is?


I’m not saying that it’s not entirely possible to score a localhookup. What I am saying is that by focusing primarily on what those people on those websites are looking for and giving it to them, you increase the likelihood that maybe you can open some sort of gateway or found some sort of foundation where you can talk about emotional bounds later on.


However, don’t fool yourself. Don’t go in thinking that you will develop all sorts of sorts of deep emotional bonds. That’s the wrong way to play the game. Instead, go in to have fun. Go in to have lots of anonymous sex. This is especially true if you’re female. Once you’re able to do that and once you’re able to develop all these connections with all these dudes, then maybe you can start cherry-picking these guys and secretly and slowly figure out which guys are more likely than not to be receptive to something more than a physical relationship.